Founded in 1118 in Jerusalem

Templar Priesthood of YHWH - Ordained to serve all True Warriors around the world as Chaplains.
We are a bike riding priesthood committed to serve other clubs by invitation.
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Founder Historically Associated with the
Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia
  Abbot-Bishop David Michael, LD.HKt.B, OC, MEd, MS, ThD,
719 421 9109

What is Calalus?
We base our American jurisdiction within the former Kingdom of Calalus in SE Arizona that existed from circa 750-1100 AD.  The term Calalus may best be defined with the two Latin based terms Cala and Lus.  Cala is best translated as cove, creek, river, fishing-ground, hold or inlet  whereas Lus as a Latin suffix may be defined as pretty, beautiful, little, youth or small.  Thus the likely meaning of the term Calalus is "beautiful river with good fishing" and appears to refer to the lands surrounding the Gila River basin and its tributaries in Arizona.

The Kingdom of Calalus was a Hebrew-Celtic Kingdom that existed with advanced cities up the Arkansas into the 4 corners area of America circa the 8th though 11th centuries.  It seemed to center in the Tuscan area with a major stronghold in the Mount Graham area.  Their kings were of the line of King David and their early knights were called the Swan Knights.

They were noted as ruling over the Toltecs for many generations of Davidic kings who traced their lines to the royal house of Septimania (Spain/France) and to King Arthur (Scotland). In its decline circa  the 12th century, the cities of Calalus  became identified with the Anasazi people. 

Priory Mission
The Templar Priesthood is a brotherhood of religious as an Order who work in pursuing the common mission of the Celtic Culdee and the Hereditary Templars in providing resistance to the dark forces in our world both temporal and spiritual. 

We travel often as needed as bikers fully committed to expose the alien agenda of certain Nephilim spawned species who seek to bring humanity into slavery.  We participate in biker gatherings and events year around to assure humanity may live safely in America and that all creation is duly honored according to their origin, rank and mission.

About the Templars
The historic Knights Templar is an organization of fraternal friendship based on honor and trust.  The Knights Templar are the guardians of many secrets including the Holy Grail. In the 12th Century the Knights Templar would meditate/pray two to threes times a day and before battle to focus their mind and spirit as one.
We are all different in race color and beliefs, but we are united as BROTHERS & SISTERS all belonging to the HUMAN RACE.

Vows of the Templars
The Knights Templar of Britannia today live by the same spiritual code of Honor:

1. Do the Right Thing
2. Be Honorable at all times

All honorable men and women are welcome to join the Templar Priesthood.








Order Currently Located at St Michaels Abbey in Tombstone AZ.

 How are we Different?
We have held faithfully to the worship of YHWH whereas most Templar groups today have fallen from the faith and now worship Lucifer in various names and forms.  We have researched diligently back into our history to unearth the original inspiration and origin of the Templar Order in embracing the priesthood of the Celtic Culdee with the mission of the Swan Knights which long predates the infamous Priory of Sion and the Templars of the Crusades. 
We follow the most ancient Rule for the Order as found in the Didache also called the "Teaching of the Apostles of Jerusalem" that was written circa 50 AD in Jerusalem by the 12 Apostles.  We are Sabbath Keepers and reject the heresies of most modern church denominations.  We are led by prophets and teachers who become our leaders in our various Temples and Commanderies. 
Our core leadership trace their family origin to the royal house of King David and many are direct male descendents of James the brother of YShua (Jesus) also called the Joseph of Arimethea as a royal title. This line is a more pure line than the acclaimed Merovingian dynasty which was spawned with corruption from the pure Septimanian dynasty of the family of YShua (Jesus). 
We are truly the poor knights of the Temple since the Luciferian Templars have retained the wealth of the Order in an alliance with the Zionist Illuminati Cartel and the Jesuits who rule the Vatican. 
Templar History  
Unlucky Friday 13th- comes from the Knights Templar history in France when the Pope rounded up all Knights Templars and accused them of heresy. The Pope dissolved the order in 1312.

The Biscuit - comes from Knights Templar history- from the time of the crusade where the Knights Templar would make a large flat bread and bake it twice to prevent it from going moldy.  It was an adaptation from the unleavened bread used in the Eucharist and is used today by the Culdee priests who are he origin of the Templar Priesthood.

12th Century
According to Historical records the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem was originally founded in 1118 by Hugo de Payens and Godfrey de St. Omar, who persuaded King Baldwin I of Jerusalem to allow them to establish themselves and their companions in the Royal Palace. The Palace was situated on the site of the Al'Aqsa Mosque, rumored to be the Temple of Solomon, this is reputed to be where the title Templar originated. 

The 12th Century Order originally consist of three classes:
Knights who had to be of Noble birth, or were knighted by the Grand Master for chivalry conduct. Knights would wear a Bronze Ring   Sergeants who were drawn from the middle classes and were the grooms. Stewards of the Order and the Clerics who were the Chaplains taking charge of the nonmilitary aspects of the Order. 

 The Emblem of the Knights was a Red Cross on a white background with the Sergeants having a Red Cross on a black background. These classes were later extended to five with a Knightly Class consisting of Knights joining either for a set period of time (to fulfill a Quest) or who were in their advancing years and wished to spend their final days as part of the Order; and an additional nonmilitary class composed of the Craftsmen and Artisans necessary for the smooth running of the lands and Estates owned by the Templars. 

The Knights Templars are reputed to be the founders of some of the first banks, Bankers of the Levant (encompassing the Holy Land). With the arrival of the Second and Third Crusades, the Templars were perceived in some quarters to have hedged their bets, as they were bankers not only to the local Christian population, but to many of the Saracen Merchants as well. True to the banking profession they took money from anyone wishing to deposit.

The Banking System operated with the Templars taking an agreed charge on all monies held, thus ensuring that the Order never ran out of funds: All parties were satisfied with this arrangement. Any monies subject to international transactions were sent under Templar guard to the nearest Preceptory in the appropriate region. Monies and jewels were thus able to move freely throughout the Levant and Europe with very little risk thus further enhancing the standing of the Knights.

The Trial of Jacques de Molay
After his arrest on 10th October 1307, Jacques de Molay 'confessed' to many things in order to avoid the torture chamber. The trials and the 'confessions' had been proclaimed and public opinion was firmly against the Templars. The only concession the Pope was able to extract from Philip was that all Templar holdings be returned to the Church. Philip conceded this and the property fell into the possession of the Hospitallers. 

After much political manipulation the Knights Templars in most of Europe were extinguished and became the victim of  politics. Jacques de Molay suffered for seven years in captivity after which he was burnt at the stake on 11th March 1314 along with a number of his former Priors.  During the execution he recanted and cursed both the Pope and the King promising they would meet him at the final judgment within the Year: A prophesy which was fulfilled.


Three Divisions
The three divisions of the Templar Priesthood include the:
  1. Cavalry Corps:  The Templar bikers are structured as a  motorcycle club who seek to uphold the mission of the Priory of Calalus on the road ways.  They are our cavalry as the first responders in time of need.  Their specific mission as knights is to champion the cause of the innocent and to provide protection to the faithful.
  2. Armada Corps:  The Templar Armada live on lakes, inland waterways. rivers and at sea.  Their primary mission is to work toward self-sufficiency on the water as self-sustaining groups who can provide places of refuge for the needy.
  3. Engineering Corps:  The Templar Engineering Corps develops and manages the Templar farms and mobile vehicles. In many cases they are also mobile in self-sufficient RVs and wagons. As mobile, they provide the logistical support to both the Cavalry and Armada missions.
Abbot General
Lord Bishop David Michael is the Founder and leader and holds the rank of 'Lord Spiritual' among the Hereditary Knights Templars.  He follows in the steps of his Templar paternal ggg...grandfather Prince Michael de Carrington-Smyth who in 1189-91 served in the third crusade under King Richard the Lionheart as his standard bearer. 

He holds advanced degrees in technology and in theology and has served as a college professor for over 20 years in computers and electronics with sensor robotics as his primary area of study.

David has also served as a CAP (auxiliary of the USAF - Major)  Chaplain and Orthodox bishop and currently serves as web moderator for and led the Federation of Jesus Abbeys that has evolved from the Personal Prelature of Pope John Paul II.

He is now committed to lead the Templar Priesthood into the next cycle of human existence in seeking to preserve the human race who carry the DNA seed of Adam and Eve. 

David has published many books on the 'Alien' spiritual and temporal (physical) impact on human affairs.  His books are titled:
  • 2015 Alien Invasion
  • 2015 Draconian NWO
  • 2015 Nephilim Wars
  • 2015 Melkizedek Arises
  • School of the Prophets
  • Knights of YHWH
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