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About the School of the Prophets

There is a gift of prophecy that comes and goes as the Holy Spirit leads in the life of all Christians.  There is also a 'setting apart' of individuals who are called as prophets.  These men and women receive direct communication from YHWH through his Holy Spirit often to be delivered to an individual or people group.

Prophecy may come in the form of a premonition that we put into words often called prophecy or as visions in seeing events unfold before us while awake or in dreams while asleep. The scriptures tells us that YHWH will not do anything in the world unless he first tells it to his prophets.    

False Prophets

There is no other time in history when the need for trained prophets coming from a Hebrew-Christian School of the Prophets is needed to lead and warn all true believers of what is coming upon the world in these end times.  As I consider many who claim to be prophets who are saying that "all is well and that the believing Christian will be blessed by God with abundance and prosperity", I can only gag with the error of this message.  

Anyone claiming to be a prophet and teaching prosperity at this time in history is a false prophet.  Anyone receiving money by bringing prophecy to others is a false prophet. Anyone saying "all is well" and "do not be concerned" is a false prophet.  

Anyone claiming to be a prophet but has continuing unconfessed sin in their lives is a false prophet.  Anyone who has not reconciled their unethical or immoral offenses against others in their past is a false prophet. 

We are entering the warning spoken in  Matthew 24 as given to us by Y'Shua who said in the last days, heavy persecution will come and many saints will be martyred before his return.      

Messianic Seal of Y'Shua from first centuryOrigin of the School
The origin of the School of the Prophets dates back to Moses and then to Abraham.  By the time of Samuel the mission of the 'school of the prophets' also called the sons of the prophets was fully set.  

The prophet Samuel in Israel set up Saul as the first King of Judah who then openly disobeyed YHWH.  He then anointed David to be King of both Israel (10 tribes) and Judah.  Samuel then at the dying advice of King David anointed Solomon as King who reigned with much wisdom.  

Migration to British Isles
By the time of the Prophet Jeremiah when  Israel was being conquered by Babylon due to their sins, Jeremiah transplanted a line of the School of the Prophets into Ireland in circa 500 BC. Sadly, this school lost its way with the influence of the Druids but then many schools repented and returned to the holy path with the coming of Messiah Y'Shua with more schools being founded in the British Isles beginning with Glastonbury as the first in the Christian era in circa 38 AD. This line today preserves the blood line of King David through James the Just, the brother of Y'Shua 
as described in the Book of Acts of the Bible.

The last members of this prophetic community of David in Jerusalem (the Jerusalem mother church)  finally escaped Roman occupation in Jerusalem by 134 AD due to the Bar Kochba rebellion when Rome drove out all Jews including Hebrew Christians who were not also Roman citizens.    These Hebrew Christian disciples went into exile scattered to different parts of the globe with many migrating to the British Isles.

We as a remnant of these early Celtic-Hebrew Christians continue by enjoying the Sabbath rest and in honor of the teachings of the many prophets of the Old Testament.  We honor Y'Shua as our High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and adhere to the teachings of the sent ones (Apostles) who have served as Prophets and Teachers having come before us with particular honor for James the Just  and John the Beloved who wrote the Book of Revelation.

Now in America
Since that early time of the first century in the British Isles, the School of the Prophets were called Culdee which means simply 'Friend of God' or 'Beloved of God' and this Order has continued into modern times.  

We wear green Habits or monks robes to represent our peace with God and nature and to not be confused with the Roman or Orthodox church since the Culdee predates both of these religious systems by decades.

Today the Order of the Culdee as led by Mar +David Michael continues within this legacy in training those called to the work of prophecy in teaching them the way and life of a prophet in abandoning the glitter and materialism of this world in order to purify their souls to then be able to hear clearly the voice of the Holy Spirit of YHWH.  

Mar David continues to live as a 'monk' in his sheep herder wagon as he travels from place to place to share the love of Y'Shua and the Words of YHWH to others and to write books about the end times.  He also holds workshops of Survivalist Village models that mirrors the life style of the original Schools of the Prophets in Israel.

Colorado School?

The Order has a bunch of homesteading stuff in paid storage in Buena Vista, Colorado.  We would like to have it out of storage in good use.  We would like to have a school there as well but so far have not met the right people to see this happen.  Stuff includes a lot of tools, building materials, ranch stuff and a school bus that runs, has bunk and a wood stove and is set up for wintering in the cold mountains.  

Our School in Tombstone Arizona

Our Abbey center is currently a domed aquaponics greenhouse in Tombstone, AZ.   We also have an office in downtown Tombstone from which we run a chaplaincy outreach to the locals and tourists in Tombstone.  

Prophetic Ministries
  • Publishing the Prophecies: http://glentivar.org
  • Battleharp Music in making Temple harps for the prophets: http://battleharp.com
  • Dream-Vision of Healing Cafe's to be built and run by the School of the Prophets.
  • Prophecies from the School of the Prophets book series.  Book 1 and Book 2. Book 2 is currently being written - should be published in November 2016.
  • Street Ministry to tell the message of YHWH with puppets, music and drama. The vision......

Enrolling as a Trainee

Are you Called?
Those who have a calling as a prophet or into the prophetic ministry are welcome to contact us and discuss continuing your training in the prophetic ministry in the  Celtic-Hebrew School of the Prophets.  You may contact Mar David directly to begin a dialogue with him that may result in an invitation to join the School as a Trainee.  You may email David at:  

Are you Mobile?
All trainees among us are committed to do whatever YHWH tells them to do and this may include being sent out into the world in teams to bring a word to a specific people group or church.  Often this is a 2-3 day mission that does not require or provide financial support from the people you are serving in prophecy.  Sleeping in tents, cars or RV's while on the road is common for these missions.

Are you Unencumbered?  
All trainees need to sort out their financial obligations so as to not be encumbered by having to earn a substantial income to support themselves.  Many sell what they do not fully own such as homes and vehicles so they have no mortgage or other major monthly payments to encumber them.  

Are you Holy?
This question is, "do you have any unconfessed or unrestituted sin in your life?"  If you are hiding sin, YHWH cannot use you as a vessel to bring prophecy to others. Have you forgiven all so that the forgiveness of Y'Shua may be effective in your life?  In the Lord's Prayer is says, "Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who have trespassed against me."   This is not an option.  

Are you Faithfully Compassionate?  
Compassionate love is the power which makes faith effective... "Faith that works by love."  If the prophecy given to others is not full of the love and compassion as demonstrated by Y'Shua who died for us on the cross, it has no place in the Kingdom of God even if it is true.  

Are you full of Hope?
YHWH always gives a way for sinners to escape his judgment.  This is the "hope of glory" we need to share with others at all times. Will you always give the word of the Lord with hope and mercy?

For more information, contact Mar David at  

Sheep Herder Wagon

Living as  Herder
Above is the herder wagon lived in by Abbot David.  He has lived in this wagon for the last 2 years and has endured 25 below zero temps at times.  The wagon has a wood/coal stove for heat and solar panels for lighting and power. Portable Instant propane water heater for hot showers is mounted on the back of this wagon.

How We Live
We are a School of the Prophets currently centered out of Tombstone, Arizona.  At times we live as migrant herders in the tradition of the ancient School of the Prophets.  We share all things in common and follow the precepts of the Bible and the Brehon laws of Ireland.  We barter in 'animal and food dollars' and not cash in anticipation of the coming world economic collapse.  We continue to become more self-sufficient from New World Order resources as it is possible.  We expect one day to no longer use fossil fuels and resort to animal draft power for our vehicles and as a replacement for propane use.  Contact us at 


SP100: Introduction to Living as a Prophet
8 Week Online Training Course - Enroll NOW!

    Includes detailed step by step curriculum with personal instruction over 8 weeks of training supported by two 300 page training books with optional travel (additional cost) with Abbot David and prophetic team. Certificate of Completion awarded upon satisfactory completion of the 8 week course.  This is an introductory course on becoming a Prophet in these last days assuming you have been called by YHWH into this ministry.  Book two for this course is being written now  - should be ready within 2 months.  Sign up now to be ready to learn when the course begins!

Pray and ask how much to donate...to take this course.

For more information, see course syllabus for SP100, Introduction to the School of the Prophets

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