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We follow the Bible and the ancient Brehon Laws of Ireland.

Our Outreach
We are currently retrofitting a 1985 34' long RV as an organic  soup kitchen for Gypsy Camp to feed the hungry with a special focus on feeding hungry children.  It is currently parked in a low-income  trailer park in Mesa, AZ and we will soon be making organic soups and breads for the hungry in the park. 

We would like to have evening gatherings around a camp fire in the park and sing music and share the experiences of our lives that make us a better person.  We want to demonstrate our love for YHWH and his son Y'Shua and will seek to encourage others to embrace the true faith that brings peace and love into our lives.

We are currently seeking to get an old cotton wagon that is 8' by 30' and build a portable herb and salad garden on the wagon. It will also be designed to have chicken coops hung underneath the wagon with solar panels on one side for electrical power generation.   It can be pulled behind the RV with ease and we will then have our portable farm of herbs, veggies, eggs and chickens with us as we seek to make the best organic soups and breads possible. 

Our Origin
We are an ancient people with an ancient government of Hebrew origin originating in Israel about 1000 BC. It was later transplanted in Ireland in 1000 BC and again in 500 BC with the arrival of Jeremiah the Prophet to the Isles.  He brought with him the daughters of King Zedikiah who was slain in Egypt.  Egypt is where the word gypsy comes from and has carried into modern usage. Jeremiah brought the daughter Tamara of the line of King David when escaping Egypt who was married into the line of the high kings of Ireland. 

Our Culture
As the Romanized pagan English (Saxons, Jutes and Engles) invaded Wales, Scotland and Ireland, our people were dispersed all over the world with our spiritual leaders called the Culdee (meaning Friends of God or Theophilus)  leading as chiefs, priests and prophets in serving among us. 

Today we continue to hold to the Brehon Laws that date to 1000 BC in Ireland and we do not give any other government higher honor or allegiance than the government of YHWH.  We have our own laws and courts and decide matters of our society according to the ancient polity of Israel from which we descend.  We are as pilgrims  passing through this world and have become known as gypsies by many and continue to live in wagons, RVs and temporary dwellings as needed. 

Our Challenge
Sadly, many local cultures do not like the idea of a mobile people so we have been largely driven from our homelands to the US with the promise of liberty.  This is now being attacked by the US and local Government who have become intolerant against those who are different and transient.  It has become apparent the various levels of government in the US no longer embrace the US Constitutional mandate for cultural and religious tolerance. 

Our Gift to the World
On a lighter side, we as a mobile tribal band of Hebrew-Celtic Gypsies are extremely  talented in music, dance, theater and thrive as expert artisans in trades in providing shows and art for the entertainment of others who have an appreciation for Celtic-Hebrew culture and the arts.  Contact us if you would like us to provide a show or Celtic cultural event in your area.

Our Location
Gypsy Camps are being formed in various locations across North America and will provide cultural shows, art, art education and organic food.    If you are a Gypsy at heart and long to return to the culture of your people and believe this earth is not your permanent home yet we are to care for the earth,  please contact David Michael for more information on working with us.  If you are skilled in music, the dance, theater and the arts, we may include you in our shows that will be produced at various sites across the US.  We as a people seek to share all things in common as a large extended family so if you are accepted among our people, you will be well taken care of as you work faithfully for the common good of the tribal band.  

One of the wagons built by and lived in by a Celtic Gypsy.


Every Artist living in our Gypsy Camps are extremely talented in one or more of the following art areas and available for performances, teaching classes and hosting cultural events.
  • Music
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Puppetry
  • Mime
  • Graphic arts
  • Blacksmithing
  • Instrument Making
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Wood working
  • Fiber Arts
  • Sculpture
  • Jewelry
  • Wagon making

We are very good at organizing Celtic weddings.  Contact us for more information for weddings. 

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