Life of Abbot Prior +David Michael

Abbot David Michael,

A prophet was I called,
on Mt Zion at age of 12.
With music as my sword,
and faith as my shield.

 I lived in frontier Oregon,
and cared for horse and cow.
Spent many nights a sleeping,
by the stream and on the mount.

Raised a Hebrew of Celtic lines,
son of King Arthur and Avalon.
I often wondered of the future,
and to the role to which I  would be bound.

In school I was most brazen,
yet to college I was sent.
Excelled with degrees a-plenty,
then a professor for 20 years sent.

Ordained a Deacon cleric,
in the Syro-Chaldean faith,
Attached to Pope John Paul II
to his Prelature of noble change.

Then ordained an Episcopal Priest,
to serve the C.A.P.
Wing Chaplain in sunny Hawaii,
the land of volcanoes and waves.

Then received the mantle of Bishop,
in the Orthodox-Catholic domain.
These accolades I count as a step,
to now seek the real Jesus way.

Rejected by my carnal fathers,
banned from the synod of tradition.
My words cut too deep I was told,
to the  wilderness in exile I then came.

At 10,000 feet I lived,
to the high Rockies I did turn.
As a prophet I did begin,
To a prophet I must return.

With llamas in the high mountains,
making harps and knives my trade.
To the native and the angel,
a 'windwalker' some they say.

Glentivar became my humble hobble,
in the land of Anasazi fame.
There I sat at heaven's gate,
5 years to fight with unbending faith.

Others did come and join me,
in this prophet and angel place.
Few came ready to live in freedom,
in the wilderness, a heavenly place.

Bring your tipis, tents and trailers,
to Glentivar's native lands I called.
Hear the voice of Creator,
to tell us of His awesome plan.

Into the mountains is the spirit-quest,
to find your call most dear .
Alone in the Rocky Mountains,
will remove all nagging fear.

The mantle I wore as a mountainman,
to dwell in sacred grottos of praise.
The birds they sing the songs I played,
as God meet me there each day.

Llamas up granite peaks I chased,
the mountains they called them there.
I slowly climb - a shepherds fate,
and bring them home to care.

Living more as a pilgrim race,
freed from Mammon's binding chains.
I seek only to be in Creator' love,
to live and serve his way.

Told by God to credit no tradition
Only embrace the Melchizedek call.
Now this is this single banner of faith I wave,
lovingly called a friend by the angels.

Finally breaking the bonds of Catholic strife,
to embrace the loving Jesus faith.
Now I live a simple life,
the one Creator gave.

So come you weary pilgrim,
to the land above the mist.
My heart is ever seeking love,
so as to embrace you with a kiss.


Saint Michaels Abbey
Mobile - Now In Arizona
Phone: 719 421 9109

Consecration of Abbot +David Michael

Patriarchate of Antioch, Jerusalem and ALL THE EAST
+Moran Mar Ignatius Yacob II, Patriarch of Antioch and ALL THE EAST.  (reestablished the See of Iona for the Celtic Church in 1866)
+Joseph Mar Dionysios V 1865 (Pulikottil),  Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
    +Paulose Mar Athanasius    
    +Paulose Mar Ivanios    
    +Geevarghese Mar Gregorios
+Mar Julius I 1889 (Alverez) 
    +Paulose Mar Athanasius
    +Geevarghese Mar Gregorios
+Mar Timotheus I  1892 (Vilatte) Archbishop-Exarch of North America for The American Catholic Church according to Bull of Moran Mor Ignatius Peter III of 1891.
+Paolo Miraglia Gulotti 1900
+Carfora 1916 Archbishop N. America
+H. Rogers 1942 Archbishop N. America.  Old Catholic of Utrecht lines.
    +J. Rogers
    +James (Miller)
    +Francis (Forbes)
    +James (Benderson)
+Seraphim  (MacLennon) 1985??
    +John (Kelly) Ukrainian Orthodox Lines
    +Charles (Ingram) Roman Catholic Lines
+David Michael (Holmes-Smith)

Priory of Jerusalem

"Padre" Abbot Prior +David Michael, MEd, MS, DD, ThD

Our Origins
    Our mother 'Order of the Gateway' is a Syro-Chaldean Rite established in 1986 within the Catholic Apostolic Church/International Ordinariate with the Priory of Jerusalem now serving as the primary Priory of the Order of the Gateway.  Our mother Order was created to serve within the Personal Prelature of Pope John Paul II and was then placed by Pope John Paul II under the leadership of
Mar +John Dunnigan and Archbishop and Patriarch Mar ++Josef Debrulle.  More on this history at
The Priory of Jerusalem is the home for a brotherhood of Religious Orders who are aligned with the mission of the biblical Order of Melchizedek that has no beginning or end of days.  (Hebrews 7)   In this, our mission was preexistent before the creation of man and will survive far beyond the life span of the last human who will ever be born.  The biblical person Melchizedek was Shem the son of Noah and King of Salem that later became Jerusalem.  For more, see: Who was Melchizedek.
    This site provides for the gathering of various temporal religious orders in
unity under the banner of the Melkizedek.  At this date we enjoy the involvement of the following temporal orders.

Orders and Missions

  • Order of the Culdee: Hebrew-Celtic Christian communities founded in 38 AD in Glastonbury, England by Joseph of Arimethea and reestablished by the Syro-Chaldean Patriarch or Jerusalem in 1866 in Iona, Scotland.
  • Order of the Gateway: Syro-Chaldean / Roman Catholic 'protectors of Jerusalem' founded within the Prelature of Pope John Paul II in 1986.
  • Order of Franciscans Ecumenical (Ordo Franciscanus Oecumenicis): Birthed from a 25 year long study group initiated in 1985 by the Vatican who then proposed/founded the Federation of Jesus Abbeys as a gathering place for the Order of Franciscans Ecumenical.
  • Templars of Calalus: Order dates back over 800 years and is preserved today by bloodline Templar families of the Crusades with a continued mission in the 'protection of the innocent' by air, land and sea.
  • Israel United: A Hebrew-Christian mission to bring unity and peace to the Middle East.
  • Glentivar Village Press: The publishing and media wing of the Priory to prepare the world for the rise of the antichrist and the coming more difficult times.
  • Battle Harp Music:  The music wing of the Priory in the making of harps and other musical instruments.
Our Mission
    We are called by YHWH himself as prophets, priests and sometimes servant kings as evident in our long history.  We do not have a permanant home but are as pilgrims in thsi world always traveling. We give little credit to the ordinations of men or their many systems of polity and persuasion.  We have been tasked to bring the Peace and Love of YHWH into the world of men and to all of creation. Our notable forefathers of this Mission are Adam, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, the prophets, Y'Shua and his chosen Apostles.  Today we continue with the holy mission of YHWH in bringing peace and love into our world.  A world that has been deeply wounded from the spellbinding bonds of fear, anger, hatred and destruction.  Our warfare is not earthly but spiritual and we are therefore seldom seen in positions of honor or power.

Shem/Melchizedek blessing Abraham

Our High Priest

We respectfully bow our knee to Y'Shua who is the ruling high priest of this Order in being the "only begotten of God full of grace and truth."  We are his servants and his close friends also known as the "friends of the bridegroom."  Each of us have been individually called by YHWH himself in different ways and not by any human organization or person of power. 

Our Life
We live with the least amount of material possessions as is possible. We seek to "lay up store in heaven and not on earth that our reward might be eternal."   We live from what the land produces whenever possible in each area where we are called to serve.  Some of us live on boats, wagons, cabins and as groups in simple houses.  Whether single or married, we have individually been called by YHWH alone and given his personal ordination to serve him daily in clarity of conscience as we live our faith journey in peace and love will all men. 

Our Message
We in declaring our message of love and peace use what is available to us to communicate t
he truth that will liberated the spirit, soul and body of the the faithful.  Some of us write books while others venture into theater, music, crafts, technologies and other arts to foretell of the great love that YHWH has for all of creation.  See for Glentivar Village Press. 

Templars of Calalus by Air, Land and Sea
    The development of the Priory brotherhood is now supporting our mission for air, land and sea.  On land is our biker club are known as the Priory knights.  For the sea (lakes & rivers) there is the development of Priory Armada as floating villages.   For the air recon mission, ultralite powered gliders with pontoons are proposed with some being launched by speed boat. 
    The Priory has now become the home for many historic orders including the Templars of Calalus (Hereditary Templars of Britannia), The Order of the Culdee (Hebrew-Celtic Rite), the Order of the Gate (Syro-Chaldean Rite)  and the Orthodox Franciscans (Orthodox Catholic Rite). 
By Sea
    We have recently acquired a 24' pontoon we are rebuilding as a fully solar powered stealth boat. Other pontoons will be added as needed for the floating armada village. 
Supporting these larger boats is a 14' small speed boat for quick transport of supplies and people. These floating villages will also provide live aboard camping for patrons of local fishing guides and others as income.

     To the left is the design concept we are using to rebuild this pontoon boat from the frame up.  It is radar resistant and does not have a vertical wall to the wind so there is less wind resistance.  We are also considering mounting 4 wingsails for this vessel that will become our flagship for the Priory Armada on Table Rock Lake. 

By Land

    A number of bikers are joining the Priory in becoming the 'protectors' of the brotherhood on land.  In support of this land mission are RV's in the formation of a mobile army to be deployed anywhere where there is a need. This motorcycle 'club' will become a formidable group of Knights who will without fear, assist the needy and protect the innocent in support of the Priory mission.