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Order of the Culdee (Hebrew-Celtic Rite)
Order of the Gateway (Chaldean Rite)
Order of Melchizedek (Heavenly Rite)

A Prophetic Community For All Pilgrim Truth Seekers of YHWH

Abbot General, Mar +David Michael, OC, MEd, MS, DD, ThD
PO Box 464, Tombstone, Arizona 85638
abbotdavidmichael@gmail.com  ~ ph.  719 421 9109

Public Sabbath (Saturday) Evening Agape Meal, Music and Testimonies.   6 PM

School of the Prophets
At 3:30 am on the morning of the 3rd of August 2015, I was awakened by the Lord.  I was told that it is time to move forward with the founding of the biblical model of the school of the prophets.  I was then living at a Christian ranch and attending an Anglican church in Buena Vista, Colorado.  I was given the understanding that both of these facilities were chosen by YHWH to raise up prophets for these last days after the manner of the Order of Melkizedek.

The model of the school of the prophets was originally founded by Samuel the prophet before the time of the first kings of Israel. Samuel mentored King David in this prophetic ministry and YHWH wanted Israel was to be lead by Prophets.  
    As Israel was being overrun by Babylon, Jeremiah the prophet escaped from Israel and took the two daughters of King Zedekiah and fled to Ireland in circa 500 BC.  

Over the next 500 years, these prophetic schools in Ireland fell away from their original Holy teachings that were entrusted to them and became Druids.  However, with the coming of Messiah Y'Shua, (Jesus), many Druidic schools returned to what then became Hebrew Christianity as the Melkizedek Schools of the Prophets were then called among the Celts the 'Cele Dei' or 'Culdee'.

The term Culdee literally means 'Friend of YHWH'  or sometimes 'Holy One of YHWH'. We have experienced that God tells his freinds what he is going to do on earth before he does it.   Read more...

My Life and Call
Abbot Mar +David Michael, OC

A prophet was I called,

on Mt Zion at age of 12.
With music as my sword,
and faith as my shield.

I lived in frontier Oregon,
and cared for horse and cow.
Spent many nights a sleeping,
by the stream and on the mount.

In school I was most brazen,

yet to college I was sent.

Excelled with degrees a-plenty,
then a professor for 20 years sent.

Ordained a Deacon cleric,
in the Syro-Chaldean faith,
Then ordained an Episcopal Priest,
to serve the C.A.P.

Then received the mantle of Bishop,
in the Orthodox-Catholic domain.
These accolades I count as a beginning,
to now seek the real Jesus way.

Then rejected by carnal fathers and
banned from the synod of Bishops.
My words cut too deep I was told
Now to exile I have been driven.

At 10,000 feet I live,
to the high Rockies I did turn.
As a prophet I did begin,
To a prophet I must return.

With llamas in the high mountains,
making harps and knives my trade.
To the Native and the angel,
a 'windwalker' some they say.

Glentivar now my humble home,
In the land of Anasazi fame.
Here I sit at heaven's gate,
to fight with unbending faith.

Others may come and join me,
in this prophet and angel place.
Come ready to live in freedom,
in the wilderness, a heavenly place.

Bring your tipis, tents and trailers,
to Glentivar's native lands.
And hear the voice of Creator,
to tell us of His awesome plan.

Into the mountains is the spirit-quest,
to find your call most dear .
Alone in the Rocky Mountains,
will remove all nagging fear.

The mantle I wear for mountain stays,
to dwell in sacred grottos of praise.
The birds they sing the songs I play,
as God meets me there each day.

Llamas up granite peaks I chase ,
the mountains they call them there.
I slowly climb - a shepherds fate,
and bring them home to care.

Living more as a pilgrim race,
freed from Mammon's binding chains.
I seek only to be in Creator' place,
to live and serve his way.

Breaking the bonds of Catholic strife,
to embrace the loving Jesus faith.
Now I live a simpler life,
the one Creator gave.

So come you weary pilgrim,
to the land above the mist.
My heart is ever seeking love,
so as to embrace you with a kiss.

Pilgims Abbey
Tombstone Arizona

Future Abbey Septermber 1, Tombstone AZ
Needs paint and repairs - come help us do this.

Community of Seekers

The Abbey's School of the Prophets is open to all who seek truth.  We are committed as a community of seekers of truth in daily:

1) Prayer,
2) Study,
3) Work and,
4) Missions.

We as a village of truth seekers and his prophets seek to hear what God is saying to us in these end times so we can then share what we hear from YHWH (Yahweh) with the world.

Aquaculture Dome

Poverty, Chastity and Obedience
In our pursuit of the divine, we embrace the guiding rule in accepting a call to poverty, chastity and obedience.  We embrace poverty in that we consider nothing we have to be our own, chastity in that we hold to the covenants and vows we have made with others whether it be as a single or married and obedience in that we obey the leadership of YHWH in all things to guide our spiritual growth in knowing and obeying the call of Y'Shua in our lives.

Our Holy Days
We follow the biblical Saturday Sabbaths and Holy Days of the year of the Torah.  For the people sold out to the regime of the Antichrist, there is the coming Mark of the Beast.  For the true Christian, there is the sign (mark) of keeping the Saturday Sabbath as a day of rest as given to us to set us apart as holy.  We also encourage the gathering of the Church on Sundays for teaching and worship.  

On the Sabbath, we spend the day in study and teaching others and in the eveing starting at 6 PM gather together for an Agape meal, Music and Testimony open to the community.

The NT Canon of Jerusalem
We accept the holy scritpures that were used in the Jerusalem Church until 70 AD when Jerusalem was sacked by Titus of Rome.  This includes the Didache also known as the Teaching of the Apostles [of jerusalem].


We make it a habit to pray together when possible 3 times a day as exampled to us by the prophet Daniel who was willing to give up his life rather than stop his prayers.  

Clothing or Habit
This is likley the most devient of our behaviors.  We could wear the traditional Monastic Habit robes but with some apoogy we prefer as an Order the western cowboy duster and cowboy hat. It is hard to ride a horse in a habit!   May the Lord have mercy upon us for this one indulgence!  LOL

The Abbey as a School of the Prophets focuses on training our emerging prophets in self-sufficiency so they are not under the control of the New Wold Order systems. LIFE is understood to mean training in Lodging systems, supporting Industry trades, Food and sanitation systems and alterntive Energy systems.  

As an Abbey and school, we are a not-for-profit with various sustaining food and survival production models in active use.  We are committed to getting the message out as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and in the books of Abbot David Michael.
More information at http://windwalker.us  

We have recently started putting together a herd of Nigerian Dwarf milk goats for milk and cheese.  The Abbey has a commercial kitchen to manufacture milk products.  We have 8 goats so far and counting.  

This is where Abbot +David sleeps when traveling in ministry.

Apostolic Succession of Abbot-Bishop
Mar +David Michael

Patriarch of Antioch, Jerusalem and ALL THE EAST

+Moran Mar Ignatius Yacob II
, Patriarch of Antioch and ALL THE EAST.  (reestablished the See of Iona for the Celtic Church in 1866)

+Joseph Mar Dionysios V 1865 (Pulikottil),  Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
+Paulose Mar Athanasius    
+Paulose Mar Ivanios    
+Geevarghese Mar Gregorios
+Mar Julius I 1889 (Alverez) 
+Paulose Mar Athanasius
+Geevarghese Mar Gregorios
+Mar Timotheus I  1892 (Vilatte) Archbishop-Exarch of North America for The American Catholic Church according to Bull of Moran Mor Ignatius Peter III of 1891
+Paolo Miraglia Gulotti 1900
+Carfora 1916 Archbishop N. America
+H. Rogers 1942 Archbishop N. America
+J. Rogers
+James (Miller)
+Francis (Forbes)
+James (Benderson)
+Seraphim  (MacLennon)
+John (Kelly)
+Charles (Ingram)
+David Michael (Holmes-Smith)

Proof the Anasazi Culture (800- 1200 AD) is both Celtic and Native
  1. Hebrew Decalogue (10 Commandments) found in Los Lunas, NM. dating to before 1200 AD.  More Here.
  2. Hebrew-Celtic bishops wore Eastern styled crowns as seen in Anasazi petroglyphs - not Roman mitres.  More Here.
  3. Evidence of iron smelting dross in Anasazi dumps, saw marks in timber in ancient Anasazi castles and Anasazi method  used in building in stone was also used by the early Celts.  Click Here.
  4. Ogam writing found in various places in the 4-corners area referring to the throne of a Celtic 'King' predating the 12th century.  Click Here.

Enterprises at
the Abbey

Shepherd's Wagons
These living wagons are being built to survive the coming economic collapse in America.  They are self-sufficient with a wood cook stove and can endure temperatures to 30 below zero.  Contact David for more details.
(719) 235 7551

Battle Harps
Battle Harps are handmade based on the 'Kinnor' design used by the Hebrews in bringing down the walls of Jericho.  They are being built as weapons for spiritual battle used by warrior-prophets against evil in these last days.   No prophet should be without one.
(719) 235-7551

Lyre Harps made by
Abbot David Michael.


New Books by Abbot David Reveal the Future of the World
more at http://glentivar.org

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