Exorcists of Saint Michaels Abbey
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Contact Abbot +David Michael at 719 421 9109 or by email at: info@glentivar.org

At Saint Michaels Abbey, we have discovered a rampant increase in the occurance of demonic possessions (of the spirit-soul), oppressions (of the body) and obsessions (of the mind) in humans, animals and places,  These occurances  extend beyond what is considered the traditional field of Exorcism and the field termed Deliverance.  This ancient activity and profession within the Church has historically focused on the traditional Exorcism of  demons and occasional ghost hauntings but more recently in our experience has extended to dealing with numerous encounters with malevolent alien entities.

Our experience as teams in encountering oppressing alien entities is new to the field of Exorcism and it appears there are aliens who have 4th dimensional or spiritual capabilities who can attach themselves to oppress and even possess the human spirit-soul like a demon or haunting ghost. Considering this broadening field and its list of malevolent players, it becomes more important to understand the origin of the malevolent spiritual entity that is considered an unwelcome threat. We as a team must then decide how to deal with them or it in a manner that is biblical, thorough and lasting.

In all cases, we have found the power of YHWH as the ultimate ‘Creator’ authority that all entities will consider as supreme and worthy of compliance.  We have also found the power of the sacrificial blood of Y’Shua (Jesus) and his exalted position by YHWH as both Lord and Messiah over the creatures of Earth and Universe as the legitimate authority now to be reckoned with for all entities who dwell within our vast universe.  All malevolent entities know and fear judgement from YHWH and his ruling son King Y'Shua.

Finally as one who has worked and taught for years in the field of electronics and sensor development in numerous colleges, we are now beginning to include the use of  electronic sensing devices that may be used as proof  or scientific evidence for the presence of spiritual entities that modify their environment by their mere presence.  Such sensors monitor the following changes in the environment while exorcism is occurring.

  1. Infrared and ultraviolet video capturing;

  2. Abrupt changing area temperatures;

  3. Changing electrostatic field densities;

  4. Recording of subsonic, aural and ultrasonic sound;

  5. Capturing changes of light in the visual, subvisual and ultra frequencies.

  6. Motion detection of the optical spectrum beyond human visual ranges.

  7. Recording of radio frequencies in the ULF and VLF spectrums.

 At Saint Michaels Abbey, we solicit the help of Michael the Archangel with this permission granted to us by Y'Shua himself.  We further employ traditional and biblical rituals to cause the malevolent spirit to leave the one being exorcized.

If you have any further questions or seek our help in conducting an Exorcism, contact Abbot David Michael at info@glentivar.org